3-28-2007 * This is a test render of a kitchen remodel project.
4-2-2006 * This is called the Lament Configuration. I rendered the full animation but it's too large to bother posting.
11-17-2005 * Here's a chopper I was working on, still needs a lot of touch up. I'm experimenting with different chrome.
10-24-2005 * The challenge this week was to make a chair of some sort.
10-18-2005 * Here's my entry to another Mayhemation Forum Challenge. Topic was a clock. I also messed around with some NURMS deforming & made these odd things. Then followed a great tutorial about making a glass table.
10-14-2005 * I've been working on a tutorial from 3d-palace.com. I learned some good modeling techniques & made some changes from the original design. Nothing too fancy but I figured I would post the pics. I also worked on some car paint techniques. I didn't model the car though.
10-6-2005 * Another Mayhemation.com weekly competition. This topic was wooden toys. Here are a few shots, I experimented with different lights.
10-5-2005 * Mayhemation.com runs weekly modeling threads, this topic was a beverage holder. The group over there is great.
9-22-2005 * This is a great rim & tire tutorial I followed. It uses the VRay plugin to make the tire tread. If you want to take a crack at the tutorial itself, stop by Mayhemation.com
9-18-2005 * I decided to take another run at modeling a lightsaber. This one is modeled after Darth Vader's saber in Episode IV. I included the image that I worked from & the wire frame.
9-10-2005 * This is an explosion tutorial that I followed. Sadly, the movie isn't as cool as the still image.
9-7-2005 * This is a ship I made for a PC game, as you can see low polygon count (except for the gun barrels).
9-1-2005 * Here's a lightsaber that I did, click for enlarged images.